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Advancing onshore battery research and production.

Using world leading artificial intelligence (AI) and multinational research partnerships, we are finding innovative ways to make batteries better, safer, and longer lasting, whilst reducing waste and costs.


We are powering the transition to a low emissions future by creating advanced battery manufacturing capabilities onshore for growing domestic and global demand.

Realising Australia’s vision to be a leader in advanced manufacturing.

Recharge Industries™ will build a three-phase large-scale lithium-ion battery cell production facility in the State of Victoria, Australia.  The facility plans to be operational by 2026 and will leverage advanced technology and intellectual property from the United States.  


The facility will generate long-term sovereign wealth through on-shore value-chain manufacturing, which includes a core capability that unites supply chains in Australia and from friendly nations, fosters significant employment growth in high value jobs, and upskills the workforces as we transition to a clean energy future.

Our research is backed by award winning intellectual property (IP), world-renowned research institutions, and new frontiers in AI and machine learning (ML). We are creating a continuous and cyclical pipeline of innovation in advanced battery technology.

We are creating a lithium-ion battery facility that will provide immediate economic growth and ongoing energy security to Australia and the United States. We are creating sustainable employment across the world, reviving ex-manufacturing cities through clean energy.


Scale Facilitation®

Experts in empowering innovation from an idea through to commercialization, Scale Facilitation® manages the delivery of several successful projects, including Recharge Industries.

Deakin University

Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²) combines multi-disciplinary expertise to deliver transformative AI technologies that benefit industries and society.

SUNY Binghamton

As the number-one ranked public university in New York, Binghamton University has several esteemed battery research projects and is home to Nobel Laureate, Professor Stanley Whittingham.

Charge CCCV (C4V)

Charge CCCV (C4V) has created cutting edge patented battery technology that doesn’t rely on cobalt or nickel. C4V are at the forefront of battery performance optimization.

From across the world, we’ve curated the clean energy A-team.

With a knowledge-first philosophy, using award winning IP and world-leading artificial intelligence, we are second-to-none in creating and strengthening a clean energy industry that will grow and endure.

“Globally, we must all contribute to really renewable and clean energy, and batteries are a key part of that."

Professor Julie Owens
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research,
Deakin University


Sovereign Resilience

We’re ensuring Australia and the United States enjoy reliable energy and supply chain security now and into a low emissions future.

Manufacturing Jobs

We’re creating jobs in the regions that need it most and supporting a cycle of prosperity across employment sectors.

Industry Growth

We’re creating a landscape for new and existing industries to grow and thrive in a renewable and sustainable environment.

Increased Capacity

We’re increasing production capacity for safer and more environmentally friendly batteries, backed by world-class research.


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