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Recharge Industries™ is expanding in line with the high growth industry it operates in. A number of opportunities for dedicated individuals who are excited about the prospect of moving the world to green energy and enabling an effective transition for industry. Recharge Industries™ is looking to grow it's energetic and motivated team.

Working Together to

Transition to A Greener Future

Making a Positive Impact on the Community


Recharge Industries™ is working with organisations to identify the needs of the communities we operate in and develop programs to empower change. Recharge Industries™ has already initiated several charitable programs to this end. 


Recharge Industries™ understands the importance of transitioning existing industry effectively to ensure net economic growth and not decline. Recharge Industries™ operates on sound research and reports to ensure the opportunities created by its work provide significant economic benefits. 

Building Better Batteries

Recharge Industries™ is at the forefront of battery technology, opening up opportunities and powering the transition to a greener world. Harvesting true innovation from the translation of research to production, Recharge Industries™ is making large-scale battery technology a reality right now.  

Recharge Production™

Recharge Production™, a subsidiary of Recharge Industries™, is developing large-scale lithium-ion cell production facilities across the world to provide safer, more efficient and recyclable batteries, including a first-of-its-kind facility in Australia. Together with leading global industry partners co-locating in our battery precinct, we promise strong economic growth for the regions we operate in.



Recharge Dynamics™ is a research and development entity focused on producing next-generation solutions to real-world and emerging energy storage problems. This research work includes predictive safety systems for emerging battery technology and the reduction of battery cell wastage in the advanced manufacturing processes, deployed within large-scale battery production facilities. 





Prize-Winning Technology

The technology used by Recharge Industries™ was developed under the guidance and mentorship of Professor M. Stanley Whittingham, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry, who is recognized as the “father of the lithium-ion battery.” Recharge Industries™ has also successfully connected Deakin University with Binghamton University – home of Professor Whittingham – to collaborate on an ongoing multi-year R&D program to improve the underpinning technology and advancement of the manufacturing process.

Our Battery Hubs


United Kingdom

A former coal mining village, Cambois is situated in south-east Northumberland near Blyth, which has recently been promised over £20m in levelling up funding. The site in Cambois was formerly a coal store for Blyth Power Station, which closed in 2001.

Cambois represents a city ripe for an energy renaissance. It is connected to the national grid in the United Kingdom and located in close proximity to an abundance of renewable energy. The 93 hectare site sits on a coastal location and is supported by 1.4GW of hydroelectric renewable energy supply.

Recharge Industries™ will develop the site in Cambois to be a hub for domestic battery production in the United Kingdom and will support the transition to renewable energy in the country. The site will generate significant employment and economic prosperity in the region.



Avalon Airport Industrial Precinct is situated on 1,753 hectares of land, 40 minutes west of Melbourne’s Central Business District and 20 minutes east of Geelong. It sits within the “Avalon Corridor” where local governments are looking at developing out the site to a 30,000ha industrial precinct.


Avalon Airport Industrial Precinct has been chosen for its accessibility to critical infrastructure including road, rail, international airport, and seaport. It is close to Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest capital cities, which is important for the attraction of skills and talent regionally and internationally.


With access to infrastructure, along with regional and international talent pools, Recharge Industries™ is developing a 30GWh battery manufacturing facility and connecting a resilient supply chain that will create thousands of jobs and drive substantial investment in Victoria and Australia.

Recharge Industries™ has strengthened the traditional approach to developing supply chains. From supplier selection and evaluation, supplier and contractor management, to procure-to-pay activities, Recharge Industries™ identifies and quantifies supply-chain risks and institutes controls and performance measures in contract and supplier management plans. Shared values are important, so appropriate screening, evaluation and monitoring of current and potential suppliers is deployed.

Secure Supply Chain from Start 

to Finish

The Latest: What’s new with Recharge Industries™ 

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Electric Mobility

Recharge Industries™ batteries will power the transition to a greener future by providing lithium-ion battery solutions, which is fundamental to electric mobility. Recharge Industries™ can provide solutions for automotive manufacturers, of all forms of electric vehicles (EV) including electric trucks, buses, passenger and military vehicles, and two- and three-wheelers.


Work with our team to design a custom solution for your electric mobility needs.

Large Scale Stationary Storage

Recharge Industries™ is providing an avenue to maximise renewable energy, by providing an answer to the age-old problem of energy storage. Energy storage, in the form of lithium-ion batteries, can be used for micro-grids, electric grids, and wind and solar farms to preserve energy for use in the future.


Work with our team to design a custom solution for your large scale stationary storage needs.

The Best in Battery Energy Storage Systems

Our Journey

Recharge Industries™ is a fast-moving operation undertaking key activities with military precision. The team has successfully met major milestones since the inception of the project in 2022 and is continuing with this brisk rate of progression.

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