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Recharge Industries™ is a true example of Friend Shoring™, forming and collaborating with esteemed partners in policy, research, and industry from across the world to pioneer best practices in clean energy and supply chain resilience.

Recharge Industries™ holds exclusive licensing of Intellectual Property (IP) and advanced battery technology within the Commonwealth of Australia through its United States technology partner C4V. 

Recharge Industries™ has issued a commercial sub-license to Recharge Production™ in order to establish large-scale lithium-ion battery cell production in the State of Victoria.

Recharge Industries™ also issued a non-commercial sub-license to Recharge Dynamics™ to enable state-of-the-art research. The initial research programs are aimed at reducing battery cell waste which is generated during advanced manufacturing.

Recharge Industries™ will establish an Australian ‘sister facility’ to its United States counterpart. Equipment has already been secured for the initial 2GWh of annual battery cell production and will come online in 2024 scaling up to 6GWh annually by 2025.
Following the completion of Phase 1, two subsequent Phases will see the production facility scale to 30GWh annually by 2028.

Our CEO Rob Fitzpatrick

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Recharge Production™

Recharge Production™ a subsidiary of Recharge Industries™, is developing large-scale lithium-ion cell production facilities across the world to provide safer, more efficient and recyclable batteries, including a first-of-its-kind facility in Australia. Together with leading global industry partners co-locating in our battery precinct, we promise strong economic growth for the State of Victoria, Australia and the World. 

Recharge Dynamics™

Recharge Dynamics™ is a research and development entity, focused on producing next-generation solutions to real-world and emerging energy storage problems. This research work includes predictive safety systems for emerging battery technology, and the reduction of battery cell wastage in the advanced manufacturing processes deployed within large-scale battery production facilities.

Our Approach

With our Recharge Industries™ team growing quickly, we continue to create and manage multiple activities to generate operational outcomes, and, through the delivery of key milestones across Recharge Production™ and Recharge Dynamics™, enable project success.

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The unique Recharge Industries™ patented chemistry – bio-mineralized lithium mixed-metal phosphate (BM-LMP) – creates battery cells that use fewer metals and less-toxic materials than comparable lithium cell batteries, making them safer and more environmentally-friendly. 


Recharge Industries™ will operate out of world-class battery hubs of its own creation alongside production partners, creating the necessary components for battery production, all co-located out of sites in Australia (the Avalon Airport facility in the Geelong region) and the United Kingdom (in Cambois, Northumberland).  

Molecule OS

Recharge Industries™ and Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) have collaborated to create Molecule OS; artificial intelligence that understands the battery-making process from the collection of raw materials to the in-use end product. 

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