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Recharge Industries™ endorses key measures in third Critical Minerals Strategy

Geelong, Australia – Recharge Industries™ welcomes today’s release of the Australian Government’s third Critical Minerals Strategy. Australia holds almost all the key ingredients to support a domestic lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing industry - along with other important clean energy applications - and national leadership will realise the significant potential of these critical industries.

Recharge Industries™ CEO, Rob Fitzpatrick commended the industry framework laid out by the Minister for Resources, saying: “The Strategy is a lighthouse document for global critical minerals policy, and we commend the Government for strengthening global critical mineral supply chains and securing greater value for the Australian economy.

“Australian critical minerals are integral for the globe's transition to a net zero future. Federal, state and territory governments should ensure Australians obtain the greatest value possible from their mineral wealth.

“Australia can and should seek greater value from its national resources and the Critical Minerals Strategy articulates the Government’s ambition to do just this.

“Australia has unparalleled access to the essential mineral elements required to produce lithium-ion batteries – the chemistry of choice for the next decade. We must secure an expanded place in the lithium-ion battery value chain as a priority, to maximise the economic benefits to Australia.

“Opportunities for new businesses to refine and process precursor materials, to feed into the Recharge Industries™’ battery cell manufacturing plant, are significant.

“There is a massive opportunity for Australia to both produce battery cells and, in parallel, build out a domestic value-added supply chain addressing the long-held concerns that Australia is a "dig and ship" economy,” concluded Fitzpatrick.

Geelong-based Recharge Industries™ has advanced plans for a 30GWh lithium-ion gigafactory at the Avalon Airport Industrial Precinct, the only domestic project proposing to manufacture battery cells at scale.

Once built, the project is anticipated to create approximately 2,550 highly skilled direct local jobs, generate revenue and growth for Victoria and Australia, and support the country’s storage needs as it transitions to a green energy future.

The Avalon Gigafactory is planned to be a complementary facility to a proposed 30GWh lithium-ion battery cell gigafactory at Cambois, United Kingdom.

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About Recharge Industries™

Recharge Industries™ is committed to powering the global movement towards green energy, developing a world-leading lithium-ion battery production process aligned to international net zero targets, building gigafactories in the UK and Australia, and establishing a large-scale global supply chain.

Recharge Industries™ licences its validated technology from US battery technology firm, Charge CCCV (C4V), which developed the science with Binghamton University, which is home to one of the inventors of the lithium-ion battery, Professor Stanley Whittingham.

Recharge Industries™ is taking a big picture global approach with strong foundations in community-based grassroots connections. Recharge Industries™ works to develop eco-friendly factories and supply chains which contribute to sovereign resilience, and proactively supports the communities in which it operates.

For more information on Recharge Industries™, please visit or connect with Recharge Industries™ on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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