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Deakin University signs Scale Facilitation® SCALE Agreement to develop battery technology

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Deakin University and New York-based firm, Scale Facilitation® have formalised a reciprocal innovation agreement ensuring partnership in artificial intelligence (AI) and battery technology collaboration and commercialisation.

The SCALE Agreement, signed by both parties, formalises the ongoing relationship between Scale Facilitation® and Deakin University in these Fields of Research.

Continuing to capitalise on the shared expertise between the two entities, this agreement will ensure opportunity exchange between Scale Facilitation® and Deakin University for AI and battery technology. This agreement covers areas including scouting innovation, curating research collaboration, finding market opportunities, and commercialising research.

The SCALE Agreement is mutually beneficial and will bring research and development opportunities to Deakin University, facilitate international collaboration, and provide avenues to market – such as Recharge Industries – for the incredible research they undertake.

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