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Recharge Industries™ is pioneering a large-scale lithium-ion battery cell production facility at Avalon Airport, creating one of the biggest factories of its kind in the world.

Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport Industrial Precinct is situated on 1,753 hectares of land, 40 minutes west of Melbourne’s Central Business District and 20 minutes east of Geelong. It sits within the “Avalon Corridor” where local governments are looking at developing out the site to a 30,000 hectares industrial precinct.


Avalon Airport Industrial Precinct has been chosen for its accessibility to critical infrastructure including road, rail, international airport and seaport. It is close to Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest capital cities for the attraction of skills and talent regionally and internationally.


With the access to infrastructure and regional and international talent pool, Recharge Industries™ plans to build a 30GWh facility and create a sovereign supply chain eco-system that would allow for local industry participation and growth.


Lithium Hydroxide



Module / Pack Facility


Internal Power / Solar Facility

Co-Location Partners

The Recharge Industries™ battery production precinct will encompass many facets of the upstream battery production process, ensuring components and feedstock are centralised in close proximity to the advanced manufacturing hub.


Co-location activites include:

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