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Recharge Industries™ provides superior battery energy storage systems (BESS) that have large storage capacity for longer periods of time and compatibility with renewable energy source. 

Large Scale Stationary Storage


BM-LMP stands for Bio-Mineralized Lithium Mixed-Metal Phosphate. While Recharge Industries™ cannot disclose the exact metals in the battery chemistry, it primarily uses manganese and iron. The technology is a phosphate-based composite cathode that utilizes low-cost materials, molecular doping of lithium-rich bio-mineral in the super-cell crystal structure. The battery technology contains no cobalt or nickel.

Electric Mobility

Recharge Industries™ batteries will power the transition to a greener future by providing lithium-ion battery solutions, which is fundamental to electric mobility. Recharge Industries™ can provide solutions for automotive manufacturers, of all forms of electric vehicles (EV) including electric trucks, buses, passenger and military vehicles, and two- and three-wheelers.


Work with our team to design a custom solution for your electric mobility needs.


Recharge Industries™ produces 280 amp-hour (Ah) prismatic cells suitable for various applications including energy storage and mobility.


Recharge Industries™ modules are comprised of 8 cells – amount can be altered depending on application – and a battery management system.


Recharge Industries™ packs are comprised of modules, with the amount varying depending on application, and a power conversion system (PCS).


Recharge Industries™ racks are comprised of packs, with the amount varying depending on application, and a power control system (PCS).

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