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Through a meticulous process, Recharge Industries™ is compiling a superior collection of suppliers and is actively looking for supply partners who want to join in the mission to create a greener future. 

Strengthen our Established Supply Chain in Australia

For an opportunity to supply Australia’s first large-scale battery cell production customers, visit our profile on the Industry Capability Network of Victoria's online gateway where you can view our construction and operation scopes and register. 

Opportunities for supplying our UK factory are yet to be announced. 

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Our Supply Chain Process


Cursory Diligence


Technical Design / Analysis

Technical Solution

Formalise Agreement

Why Work with Us

Recharge Industries™ is an integrity driven company with a staunch commitment to quality, security, and performance. We want to ensure Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States – and their allies – can rely on secure and strong energy now and as we transition to a green economy. We are passionate about collaborating and partnering with likeminded companies who share our core beliefs, such as advancing sovereign capability and supply chain security. 

Supplier Qualification

Our robust supplier qualification process takes us around 18+ months to qualify a single component or material vendor. Having so many vendors qualified already is indicative proof of our vision and hard work. We are fully committed to further investment and continue to work with additional raw material as well as equipment suppliers, thus creating jobs and revitalizing the domestic lithium battery upstream supply chain.

Our qualification process is much faster than competitor large battery manufacturers (3-5 years), in part due to the expertise of our technical team, the battery cell form factor and production setup versatility. We continue to target long term partnership agreements with our suppliers.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Improving health, safety, environmental, social and governance performance within our supply chain benefits our communities, and our business. Our Supplier Code of Conduct details what we expect from our suppliers and contractors to uphold our values and standards.

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