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The supply chain has been carefully curated and designed with purposeful redundancy and industry leading providers. In the last 10 years Recharge Industries’™ technology partner has built strong supply chain partnerships and evaluated materials from 230+ companies, either raw materials suppliers, components or equipment suppliers. 

Recharge Industries™ is continuously focused on rigorous supply chain development and is identifying additional local supply chain partners to further strengthen and reinforce the sovereign capability of the nations we work in.

Our Approach

Recharge Industries™ has a standardised and simple approach to developing supply chain strategies, supplier selection and evaluation, supplier and contractor management, and procure-to-pay activities. Recharge Industries™ identifies and quantifies supply-chain risks and institutes controls and performance measures in contract and supplier management plans. Shared values are important, so appropriate screening, evaluation and monitoring of current and potential suppliers is deployed.
Recharge Industries™ will provide access to critical minerals and other supply chain partners to support its US sister facility and to fill critical industry supply chain gaps, while creating new opportunities for US supply chain partners. This supply diversification will reduce the impact of global disruption and strengthen Australian, UK, and US sovereign resilience.

Current Partners

Trusted Partnerships

Recharge Industries™ prides itself and our elite supply chain it has cultivated by identifying, engaging, screening, and qualifying its partners. Recharge Industries™ has vetted over 230 suppliers and qualified a discrete number of suppliers that meet the exacting quality standards. Recharge Industries will also work to co-locate over 20 strategic partners.

We consider our supply chain to be a competitive advantage and we continue to identify, engage, screen and qualify top tier materials, components, and equipment suppliers, with emphasis on Australian domestic companies or those from allied countries.

The Australian Government are supporting Recharge Industries™ with the identification of additional local supply chain partners to further strengthen and reinforce sovereign capability.

Support from Government Industry capability bodies including battery industry development bodies that are actively targeting Australia as a reliable and secure alternative producer of processed materials, and local supply chain partners that enable dual supply chain capacity to mitigate global supply disruption risk.

Australian Government Support

Supplier Opportunities 

Recharge Industries™ is always on the lookout for compatible partners who are ready to be part of supplying the first large-scale battery cell production hubs in both Australia and the UK. Recharge Industries™ is providing suppliers an opportunity to collaborate with a business in a class of its own.
Our battery hubs will also offer qualified suppliers and service providers a unique opportunity to co-locate their manufacturing, supply and service facilities with the gigafactory.

Australian Industry Participation Plan (AIP Plan)

Recharge Industries™ is actively working with the US and Australian Governments and industry capability networks to proactively build our Australian Industry Participation Plan (AIPP) to establish a mechanism to co-locate critical supply chain partners from the US and identify opportunities for new secure supply chain partners. Recharge Industries™ is committed to providing full, fair, and reasonable opportunity for local Australian industry to contribute to our activities. The AIPP will maximise local industry participation where it is capable and competitive based on health, safety and environment, quality, cost and delivery.

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