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Rob Fitzpatrick

Chief Executive Officer

An industry and technology expert, Rob brings to this role more than 30 years’ experience in leadership roles as an independent company director, chief executive, senior executive and corporate advisor across the spectrum of large corporations, government agencies, and entrepreneurial startups.

Shankar Raman

Chief Financial Officer

Shankar has a meaningful background in corporate finance and commodities, having held leadership roles in the financial services, trading, and recycling sectors.  He has been directly involved as an investor, operator, and advisor to large-scale, cross-border projects in the sustainability space.

Jessica Harding

Global Head of People

Jessica is responsible for managing the People department in Australia, including talent attraction and retention. Jessica has an academic and professional background in human resources. She has a degree in Human Resources and Business Management and has been working in the industry for twelve years in various roles.

Major General (R) Robert A. 'Bob' Karmazin

International Co-Location and Research Partners

Bob served as a Green Beret and as Major General US Special Operations Command, advising the Commander and Chief of Staff on issues relating to strategic, operational and human capital resources. Bob leads the strategic decision-making for Recharge and manages operations and relationships on the U.S. side of the project.

Colonel (R) David Hay

Chief Scale Officer

David has had a distinguished career in the Australian Defence Force spanning 31-years within Army. He has extensive community and operational experience in training, leadership and diplomacy, and ICT/Cyber security, within whole-of-government contexts.

James Panaretos

Investor Relations

James is a leadership, sales, and growth strategy specialist with an academic and professional background in economics, international tax law and accounting. He has held leadership positions in several national and multinational financial services organisations.

Phil King

Project Management Lead - Australian Battery Facility

Phil has extensive experience in Construction Management working for both large scale construction companies and property owners as a Senior Project and Development Manager. Phil brings over 13 years of complex Construction Management experience to his role and has been pivotal in innovative projects such as Australia first building to include a solar integrated façade.

Joshua Toney

Trading & Commodities

Joshua is responsible for building trading strategies while minimizing commodity, and currency risk for Recharge Industries™ and other Scale Facilitation® portfolio companies. He has a background in trading and financial hedging.

Mick Collard

Scale Officer

Mick has proven expertise delivering and leading diverse teams across multiple geographies and complex businesses. He is an effective leader and consistently delivers, having held multiple senior domestic and international leadership roles across Asia Pacific, Europe-Africa, India and the U.S.

Adam McEvoy

Supply Chain

Adam has significant experience in supply chain, contracts, procurement, logistics, and commercial spanning industries including manufacturing, resources (maintenance, operations, capital projects, and logistics) heavy equipment, FMCG, and retail. He has successfully managed large teams, portfolios, and transformation programs.

Marie Oates


Marie has served as a marketing, communications and HR executive in higher education, healthcare, commercial, foundation and non-profit organizations. She is an expert in strategic communications and media relations (globally and nationally).

At the helm of Recharge Industries™ is a team of uniquely qualified experts and extraordinary leaders, all working together to achieve the shared goal – generating our green future.  

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