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April 2022

Australian Government – Project Status

Recharge Industries™ received ‘Priority Project’ status from the Commonwealth Government of Australia via the Global Australia taskforce. Receipt of ‘Major Project Status’ is anticipated in the coming months with the Major Project Facilitation Agency engaged and a draft submission provided.

July 2022

International Expertise – Visas secured

Key international expertise from across the globe will enhance the Recharge Industries™ onshore team with its first round of 10 Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visas granted. These visas will bring highly specialized subject matter experts in battery engineering and manufacturing to Australia from the U.S. and European Union to assist establish the production facility, and importantly, help train local Australian talent to be employed across a variety of roles. It is anticipated the first full Board meeting will the take place in Q1 2023 following the formalization of the remaining appointments and contractual agreement.

August 2022

Australian Facility Site Location

An enterprise bargaining agreement with the Australian Workers’ Union was entered into securing workers’ rights at the proposed production facility at Avalon, Victoria. This best-in-class Agreement is a significant undertaking setting conditions that are mutually beneficial to the 1,500-2,000 anticipated employees required at the factory’s full-scale operation.

August 2022

Finalized 3D render of Australian facility

We received our 3D render of the Australian Facility bringing the vision one step closer to reality. Our team will be releasing more renders and providing virtual reality tours of the US and Australian facilities to our stakeholders in coming months.

August 2022

US sister facility has commenced commercial production

Recharge Industries™ is building a sister facility replicating a facility in the State of New York. Our project and strategy was further strengthened with news our sister facility commenced commercial production following 12 years of hard work by our US technology partners C4V.

September 2022

Governance – Anchor Board Members

World- leading, high-profile executives and business professionals have commenced joining the board. We are proud to announce agreements with Nobel Prize Laureate M. Stanley Whittingham, the ‘father’ of the Lithium-ion battery and David Coogan, a renowned leader in the Australian Superannuation industry to join our Board.

September 2022

Research & Development Program MOU Finalized

The team has finalised documentation as part of our contribution to Deakin University’s Trailblazer University Program. This exciting work includes formal engagement with the Department of Industry, as we look to positively impact Australia’s national manufacturing priorities. This is a funded program which will strengthen the on-going success of the production facility.

September 2022

Formalised skills & training program MOU with Gordon TAFE

A Memorandum of Understanding was entered into between Scale Facilitation® and The Gordon to develop an Advanced Manufacturing Certificate and other training packages to ensure the workforce is trained and skilled for the new jobs created.

September 2022

Secured our Australian and US office locations

Following 4 months of negotiation we have finalized our two office locations in Australian and the US which will see our expanding teams in both countries move into state-of-the-art secure data facilities to expedite project outcomes.

September 2022

Australian Facility Site Location

Recharge Industries™ and Avalon Airport Australia executed a Memorandum of Understanding to secure a 50ha site, which will be critical to Recharge Industries™ for the development and use of the site at Avalon. The team is working closely with Avalon Airport Australia to progress to factory construction.

September 2022

US research partner successful in USD $113m funding

Core to the long-term success of both the Australian and US sister facility is our multi-year funded research partnerships. We are extremely excited to see our US research partner; Binghamton University be successfully awarded USD $113 million following the announcement of their New Energy New York submission as part of the US Government’s Build Back Better – Regional Challenge. This now links Australia’s Deakin University’s Trailblazer University Program through Recharge Industries™ and Scale Facilitation®.

November 2022

Technology validated by US Department of Defense research teams

The technology and battery cells which Recharge Industries™ holds exclusive rights to in Australia, was recently validated by the US Department of Defense (ARL and C5ISR). Our team's capability and the Australian facility's planned scale and production timeline were submitted to the US DoD via our US technology partner, which will now be communicated to the numerous procurement and acquisition teams to assist in meeting forecast supply requirements.

November 2022

Company Principles formed

Following 12 months of dialog with our stakeholders, Recharge Industries™ has formalized its STAPLE principles which will guide the company and its employees now and into the future: Strong, Transition, Advance, Positive, Leadership, and Environmentally.

November 2022

Key management appointments

Our business introduces an additional 12 individuals to the team with significant experience across supply chain, battery technology, construction management, international relations, and finance. The company recently appointed its Australian CEO, Rob Fitzpatrick.

November 2022

Independent Economic and Tax Incentive Report

One of the Big 4 consulting firms finalized a report that covers the economic and tax incentive revenue benefit created by Recharge Industries™, $3Bn federal + $3Bn state over 20 years for both the Federal and Victorian state governments.

November 2022

Bilateral Collaboration Agreement between US and Australian facilities executed

We have executed an agreement which covers important areas of mutual benefit including, Information Sharing & Facility Access, Supply Chain & Equipment Sourcing & Assistance, Global Off-Take Alignment and Technical Support & Knowledge Sharing.

November 2022

Exclusive License Agreement Executed

With our US technology partner giving Recharge Industries™ full access to the IP, technology, supply chain, referred off-take, quality management system, technical support and operational blueprints for the design, build and manufacturing of these exciting lithium-ion battery cell products.

December 2022

Secured first offtake partner

Recharge Industries™ has Secured multiple binding off-take contracts to supply Australian batteries and a system integration solution to one of the largest battery projects in the world. Further negotiations are occurring that will expand battery sales up to ~US 1 billion for delivery over the 2024-2025 period.

December 2022

Global legal entity and tax efficient structure finalised

We received a commissioned report on the optimal global legal entity to ensure tax compliance for such a significant project. Globally recognised professional services firms supported the Recharge Industries™ team to put this in place, an important step for investors and importantly our Australian Foreign Investment Review Board application.

December 2022

MOU executed with leading Li-Ion battery recycling firm

We executed an agreement with a North American listed entity to advance the inclusion of a recycling facility within the Avalon Airport Australian Battery Precinct Discussions are now underway to establish a Joint Venture (JV) that establishes a co-located recycling facility or licenses the intellectual property to Recharge Industries™, which will see reduced input costs, secondary revenue streams, increased carbon offsets/credits and an even stronger ESG rating.

Recharge Industries™ is a fast-moving operation undertaking key activities with military precision. The team has successfully met several major milestones since the inception of the project in 2021 and is continuing with this exemplary rate of progression.

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